project incubator + branding

project incubator + branding

USD $2800

We will work together for 6 weeks to visualize, design, and manifest the business of your dreams

If you feel ready to turn your calling into a business but the 'what' and 'how' are still a mystery, this program is for you. We will work together to gain clarity and achieve the definition of your brand, the development of your offerings (courses, retreats, festivals), and your content strategy in 6 weekly private sessions.

This program is for you if

  • You have a high level of commitment to bring your dream to life
  • You agree to attend the 6 meetings punctually and commit to completing the weekly projects we define in your action plan


  • 6 weekly 1:1 sessions for values discovery and target audience definition, market research, mindset upgrades for this new stage as an entrepreneur and more
  • Development of your service proposals
  • Naming, if necessary
  • Mood board, logo design and full branding
  • Content strategy for social media
  • Copy templates to help you write your proposals
  • Brand guide for proper use of branding in future projects
  • Highlight stories or a PDF with your product/service offerings
  • Ready-to-use social media content for the first month
  • Content templates to maintain continuity in your strategy
  • Marketing strategy

You can add

  • Content or ad design services for an additional monthly fee
  • Website development
  • Ads campaigns

services list

I create brand and marketing systems that works cohesively across various digital and print mediums to attract and communicate with people who are seeking that unique offering you provide.

commit to your vision

commit to your vision

Take your dreams seriously and commit to your vision; schedule a free clarity call.

«Does that path have a heart?...
If it does, the path is good;
if not, it is useless.»
~ Don Juan Matus
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