Melisa Redondo

Melisa Redondo

Design & Brand Strategy

Melisa Redondo

about me

I’m Melisa: Consciousness Explorer and Holistic Brand Strategist. Passionate about artistic processes, cultural expressions, and living life in total presence.

Immersed in art since I can remember, holistic therapies since 2008, and design and digital marketing since 2018, there came a point where everything merged and I started to help others turn their dreams and callings into sustainable businesses, through the creation of brands and strategies that weave magic with reality.

I study the unique energy of each project to build its symbolic language and open the channels that will make it profitable for you.

services list

I create brand and marketing systems that works cohesively across various digital and print mediums to attract and communicate with people who are seeking that unique offering you provide.

These service packages cover the needs of most cases, but they can be customized and combined to fit the unique form your project takes.

trust the process

Luz Bermúdez

My name is Luz Bermúdez, and I work with my own movement method, a tool for improving the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

I have known Meli for many years. We started exploring movement almost at the same time, and this passion crossed our paths. Working with Meli is an incredible experience. Just by describing a small idea and vision for my project, she magically brings it to life. Meli has designed multiple projects for me, and I love working with her. First, because of her sweetness, willingness, creativity, and responsibility.

Luz Bermúdez

Movement & Spiritual Coach

what is branding, after all?

Your business has an origin, a mission, and a mystique. Why it exists and whom it serves is what we need to explore and subsequently unveil.

Branding is the language of your brand: the symbols, the colors, the words, the way to connect. It's the collection of information that captures the attention of your ideal customer and makes them dream about the impact your service or proposal can have on their life.

A brand that inspires and conveys all the magic and importance of your mission will make you feel confident to take huge steps in your projects.

If possibilities are spinning around in your head but you haven't yet materialized them into something, if you already have a clear idea but don't know how to take its first commercial steps, or if your venture is already running but you know there's room for improvement, I'm here for you.

commit to your vision

commit to your vision

Take your dreams seriously and commit to your vision; schedule a free clarity call.

«Does that path have a heart?...
If it does, the path is good;
if not, it is useless.»
~ Don Juan Matus
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