advertising campaigns setup (ads)

advertising campaigns setup (ads)

From USD $800

Do you have a launch? A retreat, a festival, a studio, or a retreat center? Do you have an amazing product but don't know who to sell it to?

I take care of creating and setting up your campaigns on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads. I deliver your fully prepared ad campaign with a guide so you can monitor it.

This service is for you if

  • You already have a well-defined product, event, or service that you want to promote through ads
  • You have tried running paid campaigns yourself, but they haven't worked, they seem too complicated, or you simply want to delegate it
  • You have exhausted all possible organic actions but have realized that your business needs to start investing to grow


  • It is not essential in all cases, but ideally, you should have a website or landing page set up for selling the product, event, or service
  • It is also not essential in all cases, but ideally, you should have branding, whether you have done it with me or not
  • If you don't have a website or an optimized landing page for accepting payments, or if you don't have branding yet, schedule a clarity call, and we will analyze your case


  • 1 Strategic consulting session
  • Creation and setup of accounts on the chosen advertising platform
  • Instructions for access and permissions delivery
  • Graphic design for the ads
  • Installation of Facebook pixel (if applicable), conversion tracking tags, and measurement of Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Active campaign ready to monitor
  • Guide to understand the results and recommendations for optimization

You can add

  • Campaign monitoring and optimization for an additional monthly cost
  • Personalized ad sessions for you to monitor your campaigns and create new campaigns
  • Website or landing page creation for your service, product, or event
  • Any other service package listed

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I create brand and marketing systems that works cohesively across various digital and print mediums to attract and communicate with people who are seeking that unique offering you provide.

commit to your vision

commit to your vision

Take your dreams seriously and commit to your vision; schedule a free clarity call.

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