branding + social media

branding + social media

starting at USD $1400

A package with everything you need to put your venture in front of the world!

If you already know what you want to create and who you're going to offer it to, but you don't have a brand to position it, this is your pack. We will organize your ideas and give shape and voice to a brand that faithfully represents your values, your energy, and your services.

This program is for you if

  • You want to launch a product, event, or service but don't have a brand yet
  • You already have branding or a logo, but you feel it doesn't represent you
  • In addition to branding, you know you need help defining your message and social media content strategy
  • You would like to have a guide to generate your own content in a clean, coherent, and original way


  • Live 1:1 clarity session to define visual aspects and create an initial mood board
  • Logo and one variation (naming, if necessary)
  • 2 identity symbols
  • Mini brand usage guide
  • Live 1:1 content definition session
  • Content creation

Option 1: Ready-to-use Instagram designs for the first month (2 carousels, 4 posts, 2 reel covers) and templates for created content to maintain continuity and coherence in your strategy.

Option 2: Customized applications for an equivalent cost, to be agreed upon: posters, service documents, stories, images for ad campaigns, podcast cover, landing page banners, among other possibilities.

You can add

  • Content or ad design services for an additional monthly fee
  • Business coaching package

services list

I create brand and marketing systems that works cohesively across various digital and print mediums to attract and communicate with people who are seeking that unique offering you provide.

commit to your vision

commit to your vision

Take your dreams seriously and commit to your vision; schedule a free clarity call.

«Does that path have a heart?...
If it does, the path is good;
if not, it is useless.»
~ Don Juan Matus
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