abundance mindset

abundance mindset

USD $1900

Do you dream of having a life that you are not managing to materialize?

Perhaps manifestation is an absolute mystery to you, or maybe you feel like you're doing everything but there are unknown blocks that prevent you from manifesting freely.

Get ready to dive into the depths of your psyche to discover and recalibrate the belief system that is not allowing you to manifest the life you desire. Through various therapies, ceremonies, and energetic activations in nature, we will unveil all the necessary information for you to reclaim your sacred right to create your reality.

This retreat is for you if

  • You understand that besides energetic components, there are psychological factors that play a role in manifestation
  • You are willing to honestly look inward, at the past and the future
  • You are willing to open your heart, expand your intuition and perception to receive the information that is available for your development
  • You commit to following up on the tools you receive during your personal retreat


  • Day 1: Feeling and Opening
  • Day 2: Permission to Desire
  • Day 3: Cleanse, heal, and transform
  • Day 4: Opening space to receive
  • Day 5: Be the match energy for your manifestations


  • Transportation to and from San Jose
  • All meals during your stay, prepared with fresh and local ingredients, respecting your dietary preferences
  • Coffee and tea always available
  • Accommodation in a wonderful environment with expansive gardens and spaces for deep relaxation in contact with nature
  • Mountain view room with air conditioning and private bathroom
  • Access to a pool and jacuzzi with mountain views during leisure hours
  • This retreat is individual, ensuring daily personalized attention
  • Transportation to the waterfalls at Jucó Natural Reserve, entrance fee and lunch
  • All activities listed in the itinerary

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Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey that will redefine your understanding of creativity. Creative Residences hold the power to unlock your inner genius, reshape your mindset, and empower you to manifest your boldest dreams.

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commit to your vision

commit to your vision

Take your dreams seriously and commit to your vision; schedule a free clarity call.

«Does that path have a heart?...
If it does, the path is good;
if not, it is useless.»
~ Don Juan Matus
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